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A message from First Tee CEO, Greg McLaughlin

“Society bears the marks of prejudice and injustice, even today. The events over the last week are disturbing and heartbreaking on so many levels. I wish we could shield today’s young people from it, and yet, it’s all around them. As a community of caring adults who come together in support of the next generation, it’s our responsibility to ensure kids build the confidence to find their voice, their footing, and stand up for what is right, even when it’s hard. Our character is a compass, and it is the source of our words, thoughts and actions. Strong character stands against injustice. As we grieve the events happening around us, we have to lead the next generation to higher ground.”–Greg McLaughlin, CEO, First Tee

First Tee of Syracuse is committed to continuing to be a part of the community solution by positively impacting the young people of Syracuse and Central New York. Our mission to teach character building values and constructively show and teach the importance of diversity.

–First Tee of Syracuse Board of Directors, Staff and Coaches


Peter Webber, Executive Director


Daria Webber, Program Director


Summer ReGistration Now Open


First Tee of Syracuse Families, Coaches and Volunteers,

Like many of you, we have been monitoring and closely following the COVID-19 pandemic and public health recommendations on both a local and national level.

We are thrilled to report that we will be offering a modified Summer Program beginning July 6.   Please see the scheduling information below.

Thank you for your understanding and for being a part of our family here at First Tee of Syracuse. On behalf of our entire staff and Board of Directors, we are very grateful to all of you for your continued support.

Peter Webber, Executive Director



Summer Programs 2020

registration open now!


July 6 – 31: 

  • Little Linksters Monday 11:00-12:00, Thursday 12:00-1:00 $75
  • Little Linksters Tuesday 11:00-12:00, Friday 11:15-12:15 $75
  • PLAYer Monday 9:30-10:45, Wednesday 1:00-2:15, Age 7-17 $150
  • PLAYer Tuesday 9:30-10:45, Wednesday 2:30-3:45, Age 7-17 $150
  • PLAYer Tuesday 8:00-9:15, Thursday 9:00-10:15, Age 7-17 $150
  • PAR Wednesday 10:00-11:15, Thursday 10:30-11:45, Age 9-17 $150
  • PAR  Wednesday 11:30-12:45, Thursday 1:15-2:30, Age 9-17 $150
  • BIRDIE  Monday 7:30-9:15 (Butternut), Wednesday 7:30-9:30 (Drumlins), Age 11-17 $150
  • EAGLE  Monday 7:30-9:15 (Butternut), Wednesday 7:30-9:30 (Drumlins), Age 13-17 $150


August 3 – 7 

  • Weeklong Summer Camp, Monday-Friday 9:00-11:45 All Levels $150
  • LPGA/USGA Girls Golf Program, Monday-Friday 12:15-3:00, Age 12-17 $150


August 10 – 14

  • Weeklong Summer Camp, Monday-Friday 9:00-11:45 All Levels $150
  • LPGA/USGA Girls Golf Program, Monday-Friday 12:15-3:00, Age 7-11 $150


Links to Learning




Nine Core Values

Why is golf different from other sports?

Players learn values like honesty and responsibility by calling penalties on themselves and reporting their own score. By participating in First Tee, youth are introduced to Nine Core Values which are incorporated throughout the program.

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More than a game

85% of alumni say First Tee helped them become a better student.

At First Tee, kids and teens are learning to play golf along with life lessons and leadership skills. And it’s making a difference. Our programs are positively impacting youth, their families and their communities.


Getting started

Who can play?

First Tee offers group lessons to youth up to age 18 regardless of background or previous experience. Our coaches are trained to make kids feel comfortable and assure they have a positive, non-intimidating experience. All we ask is young people come with an open mind and positive attitude.

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Golfers for Life

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Why Should Girls Play Sports Like Golf?

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10 FAQs About The First Tee

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First Tee’s Reach

Our chapter is one of many in theFirst Tee network. First Tee is reaching young people in all 50 states and select international locations on golf courses, in elementary schools and through other youth-serving organizations.

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